The Areu Project in Argentina: lecture

The director of the Project, prof. Javier Lorenzo presented  the Areu project in the Conservatory "Gilardo Gilardi" in the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


From the collection: The Areu Brothers

Here is an example of the documents that can be found in the collection: the letterhead of "Los Hermanos Areu: Il Trovatore Trio" Creators of Cuban and Colombian songs.

Migration and Music: The Countries of Spanish Composer Manuel Areu (1845-1942)

On Monday, May 1st, Professor  Celia López-Chávez  presented "Migration and Music: The Countries of Spanish Composer Manuel Areu (1845-1942)"  in the festival Arts & Music of New Mexico Philharmonic Orchestra. Why “music and migration”? According to the 2011 special issue “Music and Migration” of the Academic Journal Music and Arts in Action “focusing on artists... Continue Reading →

Manuel Areu Project in Argentina

It is common for orchestral musicians to write in the parts; usually indications for performance, changes in articulations, and important observations like, for example, how many times the musician  needs to repeat certain passage. But sometimes it is possible to find critical comments about the written parts or even complains about the copyist. there is... Continue Reading →

The Project

The Manuel Areu Project consists of bringing to light the original music and theater works of composer, musician, actor, and entrepreneur Manuel Areu. Areu was born in Madrid, Spain in 1845 and died in Mexico City in 1942. Although this collection was found in 1952, there were no efforts to recover and perform Areu’s original... Continue Reading →

Literature about Areu Collection

José Luis Temes, a music conductor specializing in zarzuela, mentioned this collection in his book, “El Siglo de la Zarzuela:” “Scholars have found no evidence of the presence of zarzuela in the east coast of the United States at least until 1871, when the pioneer company of Manuel Areu arrived in New Orleans. From there... Continue Reading →

Research Lines

Inspired by the political and social events of the places where he lived and worked, Manuel Areu composed zarzuelas and dramas. The musical works composed by him are transcribed to be performed, and the manuscripts about his life and work are researched and analyzed within the cultural, political, and social contexts in which they were... Continue Reading →

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