Manuel Areu Project in Argentina

It is common for orchestral musicians to write in the parts; usually indications for performance, changes in articulations, and important observations like, for example, how many times the musician  needs to repeat certain passage. But sometimes it is possible to find critical comments about the written parts or even complains about the copyist.

Those notes are a very valuable source of information in our research. In the trombone part of the zarzuela “Cuatro en Uno” one of the original works by Manuel Areu, there is a date, place and name: Buenos Aires, República Argentina, Agosto 25, 1889. And the name of the player: Manuel Nava.

Dr. Celia López-Chávez and prof. Javier Lorenzo are looking for evidence of this performance and possible reviews in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In March of 2017 they were at the National Library in the capital of Argentina surveying newspapers of year 1889 at the newspaper library.